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A powerful, quick and intuitive search engine that will help you to improve your online store's sales.

You lose lots of sales because your users cannot find what they are looking for, even though it is there. Doofinder will show relevant results with a few keystrokes, as well as this, it will learn from your user's searches and improve the buying process.

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How to increase the average checkout price to increase your income

One of the most common mistakes in the online shops world is to forget about the average checkout price. This metric, ignored by many, has a direct impact on profits. Increasing your average checkout price doesn’t only mean increasing your income, it will also improve your profit margin and reduce costs. Do you want to know the best strategies to increase the average checkout price and therefore your overall turnover? If so, don’t stop reading because today at Doofinder, we are presenting the 8 best strategies to do so.

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